Our Fees

Our charging basis is straightforward yet flexible. There are essentially two approaches: 
  • Fixed price - where the work to be done is a clearly-defined task, and we can agree the specification reasonably precisely initially, we can provide a fixed-price quote for the entire task. We'll make clear and agree with you not only what we will do, but what will not be included; we'll agree timescales and acceptance criteria. Once agreed, you can be confident there will be no "hidden extras", so you'll know exactly what your development will cost. Naturally it's not uncommon for changes to the specification to arise during development - in these instances we'll agree a revised price, and ensure that you are always clear about what you're paying for. 
  • Time-based - where there is ongoing support work, or a project that is not clearly scoped or defined, it may be more appropriate for us to work on an hourly or daily rate. In this instance we'll always check with you before committing additional time, give you detailed breakdowns on where time has been spent, and give you estimates of time involved in each task ahead of time - giving you the option to cancel or modify any piece of work before any charges arise. Our rates vary slightly depending on the nature of the task involved, but are typically around £55/hour ($70/hour). 
Small Office Solutions Ltd are a Pay on Time supporter, and encourage our clients to settle invoices promptly. In some cases we may ask you to deposit part of the fees up-front with an independent escrow provider, at no additional cost to you.

VAT is charged at 20% on all services provided to customers in the UK and at the appropriate rate to those within the European Union countries.