Terms and Conditions

Site & Equipment 
I am happy to provide development and support services from my own offices. I have PCs running various Windows versions, connected to a fast internal network and with a fibre-based internet connection. I have my own development web servers and SQL Server databases (multiple versions) and can arrange for other tools to be installed to support my clients’ requirements. Software can be delivered by e-mail, or remotely installed directly on clients' systems. Where necessary, I can also provide services at a client’s site, and am always happy to make site visits to meet client personnel. 

Where possible I provide a quote for a project deliverable. Where ongoing support services are required, however, I'm prepared to charge on an hourly rate basis. If visits to a client site are necessary and normal travelling time exceeds one hour, the full travelling time will be charged at my normal rates. For shorter travelling times, or where only occasional visits are required, travel time charges may be waived. Invoices are payable within 30 days of invoice date. Software I develop carries a 3-month warranty, during which time I will fix any reported bugs in my software or documentation free of charge.

Small Office Solutions will undertake no chargeable work until contracts have been signed between the client and ourselves. We can provide appropriate contracts, or we can review contracts provided by the client. Note that in this instance commencement of work may be delayed while our legal advisors review contract details. Forwarding of this brochure, or any part of it, or introduction by any other means to a third party does not in any way preclude or restrict Small Office Solutions from providing services to that third party either directly or via any other party at any time, except as otherwise agreed in writing with Small Office Solutions. 

Naturally where possible we prefer to retain copyright and other intellectual property rights to the software we develop. In most cases software solutions are highly specific and not applicable to other clients; generally, an unlimited license to copy and use the software within the client company is granted, for no additional fee. Where, for reasons of particular commercial confidence, a client requires ownership of intellectual property rights this may be negotiated. Please note that this brochure and website itself is copyrighted and may not be distributed in any form, in whole or in part, without the express prior permission of Small Office Solutions.