What I Do

Small Office Solutions provides services to a wide cross-section of small and medium-sized enterprises across the world. The internet means I can work with clients in other continents as easily as I can with those in the next town, and time and again customers who were initially wary of remote working and support have found that the arrangement provides ideal flexibility for both parties. My clients often find that requirements that were specified at the end of one business day are ready for testing at the start of the next! 

Assignments typically fall into one or more of the following areas (quite often there is a degree of overlap between them) 
  • Web-delivered applications - internet, intranet or extranet - running on IIS compatible web servers. Although I have strong HTML, Javascript and CSS skills, my expertise is around the functional aspects rather than in graphic design.  
  • Website reviews - full review of your website, covering everything from user experience, proof-reading, cross-browser compatibility, standards compliance, on-page SEO, statutory requirements, performance, security and more. You choose whether you want me to concentrate on specific aspects, or do a general review. You've spent lots of money building your site and driving traffic to it, don't leave it with the equivalent of dead flies and fingerprints in the window!
  • Desktop-based standalone applications written using Microsoft's .Net Framework, with or without a user interface, and often utilising a back-end database (SQL Server, MySQL, Access, or just about any other SQL-based relational database) 
  • Microsoft Office-based solutions, built using Visual Basic for Applications, templates, add-ins and other appropriate features of the Office suite. I can either design and develop solutions from scratch, make enhancements to existing applications, or undertake complete re-writes or conversions. 
For some examples of the type of work I do, please see my client list.