Why Use Me?

In today's global economy, I am well aware that my charges are not the lowest in the marketplace. I cannot compete on price, and don't attempt to, with suppliers in the developing economies. 

However I remain convinced that I provide world-beating value-for-money to my clients, wherever they are based, through my approach to service: 
  • My long industry experience, coupled to a thirst for knowledge of new technologies, mean I can provide top-quality, robust, innovative solutions. My code is written to internationally-accepted standards of best practice, and is designed for easy maintenance - by myself or any other party. 
  • I get a kick out of providing outstanding service - of exceeding my customers' expectations and delighting them with my service. As a result I take a pro-active approach, often identifying improvements to software that the client may not even have realised were possible. I'll go the "extra mile" to ensure you are fully satisifed. 
  • I'm not afraid of hard work. Although I'm almost always available during normal office hours (GMT), I'll also often check in with email or IM at weekends, early morning or late into the evening. If you've got a production problem, an urgent enhancement or just need some extra "comfort" about the progress of your work, I'll often be able to provide that outside of office hours - typically at no extra charge.